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October 02, 2016

ACAPM announces the release of Insights Whitepaper on Real-time Risk Management under MiFID II in Collaboration with The Technancial Company

Associates in Capital Markets (ACAPM) announced the launch of a new MiFID II Whitepaper - "Real-time Risk Management - A View on MiFID II Compliance Challenges" in collaboration with The Technancial Company (TTC). 

"Real-time Risk Management under MiFID II manifests under multiple ways - as pre and post-trade controls, limits monitoring and management, surveillance requirements etc. Firms using algo-trading techniques have additional controls from this point of view. We believe identifying and understanding these requirements is a critical success factor under MiFID II compliance program. This white paper is an endeavour in that direction." said Cornelius Nandya, Partner at Associates in Capital Markets.

August 31, 2016

ACAPM Responds to Stakeholder Consultation on Enhancements to EONIA Benchmark

ACAPM, Responded to Stakeholder consultation on Enhancements to EONIA Benchmark undertaken by European Money Markets Institute (EMMI). The efforts of European Money Markets Institute (EMMI) in enhancing the robustness and viability of Euro Overnight Index Average (EONIA), one of the major reference rates in European money markets, is a welcome reassurance to the investors and the global economic structures at large. The key to a robust financial benchmark is its ability to represent the underlying market in a consistent and accurate manner. This could be achieved by evidencing the reference rates from underlying market transactions transparently as endorsed by regulators including EMMI. 

ACAPM provided its response on two key areas viz., EONIA Contingency Triggers and Forumlaic Approach for Contingency Triggers. Please see the response below.

August 29, 2016

The Technancial Company and Associates in Capital Markets Join Forces to Address MiFID II Compliance Challenges

Leading real-time risk management and trade surveillance solutions firm, The Technancial Company (TTC) and London based specialist advisory firm Associates in Capital Markets (ACAPM) today announce a collaborative partnership to address the challenges in MiFID II compliance, especially in the areas of margin management and trade surveillance. MiFID II is a mammoth regulatory exercise aimed at enhancing investor protection and affects financial institutions on a varied scale in Europe and the UK. The collaboration between the two companies is a timely synergy in combining specialist experience and powerful tools for capital markets regulations and compliance.

With aggressive compliance schedules and significant impacts on strategic, business and operating models, financial institutions need ready-to-go solutions which are supported by a deep understanding of the market and regulatory expectations in order to navigate the complexities of MiFID II. This collaboration is precisely aimed at providing such a unique value proposition to the financial institutions of varied sizes in all the markets where MiFID II impacts.

Mirko Marcadella, MD of The Technancial Company said: “We believe the key to success in a demanding regulatory environment is the ability of the organisations to adapt their strategies and have the operational capability to respond swiftly and effectively. Our partnership with Associates in Capital Markets enables us to provide the industry with a distinctive combination of tried and tested technology solutions and a multidimensional approach for a holistic compliance strategy for capital market regulations like MiFID II, MIFIR and the like.”

Cornelius Nandyal, Director at ACAPM said: “We are excited to collaborate with The Technancial Company to offer financial institutions a compelling and sustained value proposition across the MiFID II compliance roadmap. We believe that combining our specialist expertise and focus of Capital Market Regulations with the powerful JANUSTM suite of Trade, Margin and Surveillance solutions from TTC will empower banks and financial institutions to achieve the singular goal of continuous compliance in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

July 24, 2016

ACAPM launches New Compliance tools in response to Financial Benchmark Regulation

Financial Benchmarks Specialist Advisory firm, Associates in Capital Markets (ACAPM) announced the release of advanced Financial Benchmark Compliance tools which enable banks to comply and adopt strategic financial benchmark regulatory programs - Evolution of Libor, Euribor and European Benchmark Regulations with ease.


Financial Benchmark rates are considered as one of most crucial rates driving financial transactions worth trillions of dollars. ICE LIBOR alone, for example, accounts for an estimated $350 trillion. Comprehensive reform programs have been initiated by regulators and administrators of benchmarks across world financial markets to enhance the robustness and reliability of such crucial benchmarks. In the light of this tighter regulatory regime, there is heightened responsibility for the banks to ensure a transparent and resilient framework for determination and submission of the benchmarks.


The Financial Benchmark Compliance Tools released by ACAPM are designed precisely to ensure implementation of a robust and progressive framework. The key objective is to enable banks to gain strategic advantage by providing fundamental value across the regulatory compliance lifecycle through combination of specialised expertise and focussed solutions.


“At ACAPM, we are aware of the volume and criticality of the requirements that banks need to comply across multiple benchmarks. With an in-depth understanding of the benchmark regulations and proven expertise, we are committed to providing comprehensive and easy-to-adopt solutions to empower banks to achieve the regulatory compliance,” said Cornelius Nandyal, Partner at ACAPM. “Introduction of the benchmark toolkit will enable determination and submission of key benchmark rates according to the latest regulatory prerequisites such as waterfall methodology based on current transactions, historic transactions and expert judgement.”


Through valuable insights into direct and implied regulatory requirements, advanced business logic validation models and visual analytic tools coupled with ACAPM’s unique domain expertise, banks will be poised to accomplish accelerated and complete compliance in the financial benchmark arena.

July 14, 2016

ACAPM responds to US Fed's Alternative Reference Rates Consultative Paper

Associates in Capital Markets (ACAPM) today, provided its response to the Alternative Reference Rates Interim Report and Consultation Paper issued for feedback on 20th May 2016. It is published by Alternative Reference Rates Committee, under the direction of the United States Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, with the goal of identifying one or more alternative risk-free or near risk-free USD reference rates that both fit the needs of the market and meet standards of best practice.

Read the response below.

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