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Regulations are an ever growing feature of modern day banking arena. The phenomenon of regulatory compliance, though is not new, has renewed implications for these financial institutions by fundamentally altering the way business is conducted.  Even as the costs of compliance (financial and non-financial) have soared altering the bottom lines, financial institutions are quickly realising that new wave regulatory reforms are far from completion. Such a surge in regulatory requirements presents a pivotal moment that compels change in strategy and operations.

The critical success factor for a bank, in such a scenario, hinges on its ability to achieve accelarated and complete compliance.

At ACAPM, we understand the nuances of orchestrating such a mammoth exercise. The implementation of new regulatory projects such as MiFID II, FRTB, BCBS 239, Volcker and the like is accompanied by a distinct flavour of challenges, and usually a step-up from the regular strategic projects undertaken by banks. Our consultants, with rich experience in guiding and implementing strategic regulatory programs endeavour to simplify the complex process of regulatory compliance. We enable banks and financial institutions to not just respond to regulation, rather empower them to anticipate regulatory changes and tackle them proactively.


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