Real-time Risk Management - A View on MiFID II Compliance Challenges

It comes as no surprise that the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (2004/39/EC) has been a critical and significant chunk of the legislative activity to have affected the European financial markets in the past decade. While the first iteration of the directive (since its implementation in 2007) was instrumental in creating a single competitive financial market for the all the firms operating in European Union and ensuring a high degree of investor protection. 

Managing Operational Risk - A Perspective

By now, financial institutions have developed standard methods to overcome risks, such as market and credit. However, most financial disasters across the world can be attributed to a combination of exposure to market risk or credit risk along with some failure of controls, which is a form of operational risk, which has caused huge losses and proved to be disastrous

Volcker Rule - Compliance Challenges and Approach

Volcker Prohibits proprietary trading in securities and other financial instruments by banking entities ( with certain permitted activities) and banking entities from sponsoring or acquiring an ownership interest in covered funds (with certain permitted activities). 

LIBOR Determination Insights | Q1 - 2016

Regulators across the world looking for new strategies to strengthen the Financial Benchmark regime is evidently clear by now. The Financial Stability Board (FSB) driven multi-rate approach, which relies on (i) Strengthening the existing benchmarks by underpinning them on transaction data and (ii) Developing alternative, nearly risk-free reference rates, seems to be the direction where the reforms are headed. 

Sterling Overnight Index - Reviving the Benchmark Resilience

It is no more surprising to the industry participants and to the public in general to acknowledge the need for a coordinated response from international regulators, post the attempted market manipulation of key reference rates. The wave of reforms and regulatory recommendations - point out to just this - restoring public confidence in financial system at large.

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