Official Journal of European Union - Regulation (EU) 2016/1011


08 Jun 2016

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Transparency and Consumer Protection

Benchmark Statement

Changes to and Cessation of Benchmark

Use of Benchmarks in the Union

Use of a Benchmark


Withdrawl of Registration of an Administrator Located in a Third Country

Recognition of an Administrator Located in a Third Country

Endorsements of Benchmarks Provided in Third Country

Authorisation, Registration & Administration of Administrators

Authorisation and Registration 

Authorisation and Registration of an Administrator

Withdrawl of Authorisation or Suspension of Administrator

Register of Administrators and Benchmarks

Supervisory Cooperation

Delegation of Tasks between Competent Authorities

Disclosure of Information from Another Member State

Cooperation on On-Site Inspections and Investigations 

Role of Competent Authorities

Competent Authorities

Power of Competent Authorities

Administrative Sanctions and OtherAdministrative Measures

Exercise of Supervisory Powers and Imposition of Sanctions

Obligation to Cooperate

Publication of Decisions


Cooperation with ESMA

Professional Secrecy

Delegated and Implemented Acts

Exercise of Delegation

Committee Procedure



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