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The mantra for a successful financial institution lies in its ability to balance risk-reward scenarios. Risks, in a holistic context, can be categorized into known, known-unknown and unknown-unknown. Multiplying investor wealth and providing sustainable value involves anticipating and managing these risks in a globally interconnected financial system.

The quantum of financial crisis and the resultant displacement has led many financial institutions and regulatory authorities across the globe to notice significant gaps in their approach towards holistic risk management. The importance of understanding the alchemy of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that make up the structure of risk management came to the fore as a direct result of this. 

The tougher stance taken by regulators and the string of regulations that ensued can only indicate the tip of a mammoth shift in risk perception in the industry.

At ACAPM, we understand that Risk Management is an ongoing process of proactive and continuous improvement.   It is therefore our endeavor to empower banks and financial institutions to anticipate and implement enterprise risk strategy in a least disruptive manner. Our consultants work with some of the leading financial institutions around the world in the areas of  Market Risk, Risk Data, Stress Testing etc. steering their strategy in accordance with the organisational growth vision. We believe in not just realising organisational goals rather to provide a sustainable competitive advantage through cutting-edge risk management strategy and implementation.


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