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Financial Institutions today, operate in a rapidly changing climate of the globalized world facing a new order of challenges. Ever increasing pressure on margins, competitive marketplace, dynamic technological advances and increasing burden of new regulatory reforms put immense stress on the firm's resources. The onset of these new complexities and how the banks evolve and adapt to these challenges could be a potential game-changing phenomenon. 

At Associates in Capital Markets (ACAPM), we believe that there is a shift in the drivers of success in the industry  where banks are seeking to implement a reliable business model in the context of new market and organisational challenges. It is imperative for the financial institutions to choose partners in growth to gain insights and formulate decisive strategies.

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Manage and monitor the submission of various financial benchmarks such as LIBOR, EURIBOR, ISDA FIX etc while achieving complete regulatory compliance .

Identify, monitor and control risk with access to industry best practices and unique insights into risk methodologies.

Strategise and implement robust stress testing framework capable of meeting business and regulatory requirements.

Build and gauge the quality and accuracy of risk measurement models with a comprehensive back testing program.

Understand the impact of new regulations and adjust the business strategy to gain competitive advantage.

Generate singular universe of market and risk data to  achieve one bank view  on key risk metrics.

Gain powerful business insights from data discovery using comprehensive risk visualizations.

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