Identify, manage and respond to the Market Benchmark regulatory requirements in a timely manner!

BenchmarkCube - Transparency | Governance | Control


Unified Platform for All Market Benchmarks

BenchmarkCube is a unified platform for multiple benchmarks such as LIBOR, SONIA, EONIA, ISDA Fix, LBMA, FX WM etc. with the whole spectrum of end user utility ranging from submission, direct contribution, indirect contribution and referencing. Now you can manage determination and submission of all your benchmarks in a single place. 

ACAPM BenchmarkCube

Funding and Transparency Analysis

BenchmarkCube empowers banks to analyse funding costs and gain critical insights into the submission methodology through intra-bank and inter-bank analysis on key metrics such as Absolute Submission Variance, Submission Consideration Index, Submission Vs Actual LIBOR Rate Trend etc. 

InTouch Business Methodology

BenchmarkCube is designed based on the business flow methodology derived from latest regulatory updates (such Position Papers on LIBOR, EURIBOR etc.) thereby providing critical insights at each stage of trading cycle and supporting the varied needs of each business group across pre-trade, post- trade, support and strategic management. 



Robust and Scalable Architecture

BenchmarkCube is built to enable swift implementation with a scalable model - functioning as Microsoft Excel Add-In for Stand-alone desktops to Cloud based Enterprise-wide deployment to suit the varied needs of the banks. 

  • Multidimensional Solution approach that consistently adapts to the changing regulatory standards

  • Granular capture of details from different dimensions (Transaction Details, Submission Details and Process & Governance Structure) for enhanced Auditability

  • Comprehensive solution with end-to-end Business logic which empowers you to achieve timely submission of Benchmarks

  • Pre-canned Visualization Dashboards with insights on Pre- Submission, Post-Submission, Operations and Inter-Bank Analysis 

Key Features

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