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July 08, 2015

ACAPM launches "Idika" Project Management Methodology

ACAPM launches its core project management methodology - "Idika". With the elements of design thinking embedded into its core, Idika methodology aims to provide value to its clients in a demonstrable and consistent manner. 


The fundamentals of Idika design thinking:

  • Reasonable

  • Flexible

  • Comprehensive

  • Customisable

  • Cost-Effective


"At ACAPM, we believe that the dynamic nature of regulatory environment places a huge stress on the banks and financial institutions to respond and adapt quickly. This necessarily calls for an efficient and effective mechanism to decipher and implement the complexities involved in regulatory compliance. With Idika methodology, we aim to provide comprehensive value add to our clients with robust and scalable solutions with enhanced experience across the project management lifecycle" stated Cornelius Nandyal, Partner, Capital Markets Practice of ACAPM.

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