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September 01, 2015

ACAPM launches its latest product offering BenchmarkCube

ACAPM (Associates in Capital Markets) is proud to launch its latest product offering in the capital markets regulatory space christened as "BenchMarkCube". Aimed at banks and financial institutions, ACAPM BenchMarkCube enables the management of benchmarks with seamless integration of determination, submission and analytics framework.


Benchmark rates are considered as one of most crucial rates driving financial transactions worth trillions of dollars. LIBOR alone, for example, accounts for an estimated $350 trillion. In the light of the tighter regulatory regime, it is evident that there is heightened responsibility for banks to ensure a transparent and robust framework for determination and submission of these benchmarks. "At ACAPM, we are committed to providing robust and scalable solutions to empower banks to achieve the regulatory compliance," said Cornelius Nandyal, Partner - Capital Markets. "BenchMarkCube will enable determination and submission of key benchmark rates in a timely manner. With a waterfall methodology based on current transactions (VWAP), historic transactions and expert judgement and a robust multidimensional solution approach, it is a one-stop shop for managing benchmarks."

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